North Ayrshire is home to some wonderful castles. Some of which are ruinous and others which are open for you to explore.

Check out the list below to learn more about the castles themselves and maybe even plan your own visit to these wonderful historic structures.

Ardrossan Castle Link
Ardrossan Castle is a 13th century castle, sitting high atop Castle Hill above the coastal town of Ardrossan. It was captured by troops of Edward I during the Scottish Wars of Independence until it was recaptured by William Wallace. Offering sweeping views over the Firth of Clyde to Arran, it is well worth a visit.
Brodick Castle Link
Brodick Castle dates to the mid-to-late 13th century although a fortress has likely stood there as far back as the 5th century. It has had a turbulent history, being captured by the English in the Scottish Wars of Independence and later being damaged by forces of Henry VIII. It was even captured by troops of Oliver Cromwell! Today it is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and offers beautiful walks with stunning views.
Fairlie Castle Link
Fairlie Castle consists of a simple, rectangular tower and was constructed in the 16th century by the Fairlie family. They would later sell it to the Boyles, the Earls of Glasgow, in the mid-17th century.
Hunterston Castle has been in the ownership of the Hunter family for around 800 years and originally consisted of a lone tower with a moat and rampart. It was also home to Aylmer Hunter-Weston, who was a general during the First World War.
Kerelaw Castle Link
Kerelaw Castle belonged to the Lockharts in the 12th century and was partially destroyed in a feud in the 15th century before being rebuilt. The castle is now ruinous but on a nice day one can imagine the impressive building that once featured a dovecote, cottages and a walled garden.
Law Castle was built in 1468, on the slopes of Law Hill at West Kilbride. It was constructed as a wedding gift for Princess Mary (sister of James III) upon her marriage to Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran.
Lochranza Castle Link
Lochranza Castle was originally a hall house from the 13th or 14th century before being converted into a tower house in the 16th century. Legend has it that Robert the Bruce landed at Lochranza Castle in 1306 on his return to Scotland from Ireland to claim the Scottish throne.
Portencross Castle Link
Portencross Castle was built in the 14th century by Sir Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock and the Boyds would live there until 1660 before eventually selling the castle in 1737. The roof was blown off in 1739 but the rest of the structure is in remarkably good condition.
Seagate Castle Link
Seagate Castle has stood in Irvine since the 12th century, originally being a wooden structure before being replaced with a permanent stone structure in the 14th century. Notably, the Treaty of Irvine was signed at Seagate Castle on the 9th of July in 1297, which brought a temporary peace between Scotland and England.