Castles of North Ayrshire: Brodick Castle

We have added another castle to our ‘Castles of North Ayrshire‘ section, this time it is Brodick Castle!

A fortress has stood on the location of Brodick Castle since the 5th century and by the 10th century, the site was under the control of Norse forces until they were driven from Arran following the Battle of Largs in 1263.

The original castle was built in the years following and was protected by a steep slope descending on its seaward side, and a water filled ditch on the landward side. The castle was developed over the years, ending with a stately mansion being added to it in the 1800s.

Did you know the following facts about Brodick Castle?

  • In 1652 Brodick Castle surrendered to the troops of Oliver Cromwell and was used as a barracks by them.
  • Brodick Castle houses a huge art collection amassed by the Hamiltons and considered to be one of the greatest collections of fine and decorative art in Scotland. 
  • Parts of the gardens date back to 1710 

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