Follow the Lights was our exhibition on lighthouses throughout Scotland which celebrated the people who run them and explores the engineers who pioneered the designs of these iconic structures.

The exhibition belongs to Peter Gellatly, a Lecturer from Lanarkshire who has amassed a collection of rare and fascinating lighthouse artefacts that celebrate work of the lighthouse service.

The exhibition showed a fascinating insight into Lighthouses, Light Vessels and celebrated some of the most famous people in lighthouse engineering history, including Robert Louis Stevenson and his family, who were lighthouse designers and engineers.

Highlights included colour video footage of Clyde Lighthouse Trust lighthouse keepers and their families at Little Cumbrae Lighthouse, detailed history of life on board Scotland’s Last Lightship North Carr and original signed books, photographs and letters by the famous Stevenson Engineers. Also, stories about Alan Stevenson and what he was doing during his second year as apprentice engineer working in Scotland, the story of the illustrator who created the art for Robert Louis Stevenson, and many other stories.

For more information on the Exhibition, you can check out the official website HERE.