‘Song of the River Steamers’ is an exhibition which encapsulates one mans passion for Clyde Steamers.

The late Charles Glen, well known in Millport, dedicated a large part of his retirement to recording for posterity the great era of the Clyde Steamers. Mr Glen created paintings, models and research about every steamer to ever grace the Clyde, and the work put into this invaluable resource is astounding.

The boats take you on a journey through time, from 1812 onwards, with each new era of steam ships. Following Mr Glen’s passing, his daughters, Janis Seith and Moira Crozier, honoured his wish to have the collection donated to the North Ayrshire Heritage Service in 2018, for future steamer enthusiasts to study and enjoy.


Health and Pleasure Cruise’ Advertisement – Have a look at an advertisement for a pleasure cruise from July 1938

Duchess of Fife in war livery – Many steamers were requisitioned by the Admiralty during both World Wars to serve as minesweepers. Have a look at the Duchess of Fife in war livery.