Titanic Honour & Glory is the brainchild of Sean Szmalc, and is an exciting, evocative and awe-inspiring national touring exhibition has already been seen by over half a million people around the UK and features many rare and previously unseen artefacts from the liner, its passengers and crew, including some of the beautiful china dinner plates upon which meals were served aboard Titanic. You can check out the official website for the exhibition HERE.

Also on show will be a letter, written on board Titanic by Frederick Banfield, a passenger in second class. And, perhaps most poignantly of all, there will be a nameplate from one of Titanic’s lifeboats. Visitors will also be able to see rare examples of in memoriam tributes made in the aftermath of the sinking, including Titanic relief fund cheques, which were given to support the families of those who were lost.

In addition to artefacts from Titanic, the exhibition will give visitors glimpses of the liner’s sumptuous interior and the luxury passengers enjoyed aboard a White Star liner through rare examples from her sister ships, Olympic and Britannic. The exhibition will also showcase a selection of props from the film, Titanic, which will include some of the dresses worn by Kate Winslet, including the dazzling heart of the ocean necklace.