New Donations at the Museum of the Cumbraes

Recently the Museum of the Cumbraes welcomed two beautiful donations.

The first is a model of MV Ashton, which was commissioned by Jim Thomson who then very kindly donated it to the Museum where it is now on permanent display.

Provost Dickson With Jim Thomson and the Model of the MV Ashton

The second is our current exhibition Song of the Clyde: the story of the Clyde steamers. This wonderful collection was created by the late Mr Charles Glen who dedicated a large part of his retirement to researching, drawing, painting and making models of the famous Clyde steamers.  His daughters donated this collection to the Museum, as per Mr Glen’s request.

On Wednesday, Provost Dickson welcomed Mr Thomson and Janis and Fraser Seith, one of Mr Glen’s daughters and her husband, to the Musuem of the Cumbraes to see their donations and to thank them for donating them to the Museum, where we are delighted and privileged to care for them.

Provost Dickson With Janis and Fraser Seith at the new Exhibition

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