David Ross Lauder (1894 – 1972) Airdrie-born Victoria Cross recipient who lived in Dalry.

David Ross Lauder lived in Dalry where he worked as a carter. He lived in New Street and was training with the territorials as part of 1/4th Royal Scots Fusiliers when he was called up in 1915, leaving his wife and young son behind. 

It was at Cape Helles, Gallipoli, in August 1915, that Private David Lauder carried out his selfless deed that earned him the prestigious Victoria Cross. He was the sole army VC winner of the Gallipoli campaign. 

David, who was only 21 at the time, had spent the day trying to drive back the Turks and, no doubt owing to exhaustion, threw a grenade that failed to clear the parapet and fell back among him and his comrades. This undoubtedly would have caused serious damage to the party had David not used his foot to smother the bomb, which exploded, blowing off his foot. This action localised the explosion so no-one else was hurt. This act of selflessness saw him receive the Serbian Medal of Bravery. 

Although seriously injured, Lauder was still conscious when he was carried back to receive emergency medical treatment.