Ron Geesin (b. 1943) Kilwinning-born musician and composer who has worked with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters.

On the 17th of December, 1943 Ron Geesin – musician and composer who famously worked with Pink Floyd and Roger Waters – was born in Kilwinning’s Buckredden Maternity Home. He was then brought up in the family home in Stevenston until moving as a small boy. Here’s Ron explaining about his early life… 

My father, Kenneth Frederick Geesin (b. 1913) got a job at the Glengarnock branch of Colvilles Constructional Ltd. where he met my mother, Joyce Malcolm, who lived in Glengarnock and was working in the main Colvilles Ltd. office. They got married in Glasgow ‘to be swanky’ and managed to get a house in Stevenston, 21 Hillcrest Drive. It was cheap because it was near the Ardeer Factory, and if the German’s had hit that, there would have been no house!

As a musician and composer Ron has worked in the music industry all his life. He has released albums and produced soundtracks for television and cinema. Famously he worked on Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother and received a rare credit on the album cover. 

Ron is still being creative – releasing new music and most recently publishing his history of the making of Atom Heart Mother ‘The Flaming Cow’. 

He is remembered in Stevenston with a Blue Heritage Plaque outside Stevenston Library.