Dr John Campbell Has Been Added To The ‘Stories’ Section

Dr John Campbell (1791-1873) was a doctor and surgeon who served the people of Largs for 61 years.

Born in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, he attended the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh before moving to Largs.

Following Dr John Campbell’s death, the people of Largs raised money by subscription to build a water fountain in his memory. By September 1874 they had raised £508 19s & 6d. The memorial fountain was erected in January 1878 on the esplanade opposite the original Parish Church of St. Columba, Gallowgate Street, Largs, at a cost of £550. In March 1881 the fountain was moved to its present site in Mackerston Place, Largs. The cost of moving the memorial fountain was paid for by an anonymous wealthy donor.

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