Army – Lance Corporal

East Yorkshire Regiment

2nd Battalion

DIED 06 June 1944

AGE 20

SERVICE NO. 14283370

Son of William and Catherine Armit, of Brodick, Isle of Arran


2nd Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment sailed from the UK at 21:00 on 5 June 1944 on the troopships Empire Battleaxe and HMS Glenearn.

Just after 06:00 on 6 June 1944 the troops began the seven mile journey to the beaches in small landing craft. They landed on Queen Red sector, Sword Beach between La Brèche and Lion-sur-Mer. They encountered heavy mortar, machine gun and artillery fire as they landed.

The battalion’s objectives on D-Day were primarily assaulting German strongpoints. A Company, along with C Company of 1st Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment, then attacked and eliminated the German strong point, codenamed ‘Cod’. This was achieved by 10:00.

B Company then moved inland to assault a second strong point, codenamed ‘Sole’ with C Company in support. This was achieved by 13:00. It was during the landing and these assaults that the majority of the casualties were incurred. The next task was to attack and eliminate the Daimler Battery, a heavily defended German gun battery capable of firing onto the invasion beaches. This was the main responsibility of C and D Companies, supported by tanks of the 13/18th Hussars. Daimler Battery was put out of action by 18:00 with little loss and 70 prisoners taken captive.

The battalion continued on to the village of St Aubin d’Arquenay where they were relieved by the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. The battalion spent the night in a cornfield near Hermanville. The exact circumstances of his death are not known.


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